About Children's Village

Welcome to our parent-led home education group. We are delighted that you have found us and would like to find out more. We are looking for like-minded families who share our views on education and are interested in joining our exciting project. We hope you will get passionate about our vision and become part of our tribe.

We are a parent-led home education group. We follow a democratic education structure to our days and focus on self-directed learning approach for home educated children at the age of 6-12. We are offering children the space to learn through their own interest, at their own pace while being supported by our respectful, knowledgeable staff.

What we believe in

  • Children are natural observers and explorers.
  • Each person at every age is equal and should be treated with respect.
  • Free play enriches children’s learning and develops their critical skills.
  • Fostering creativity is important for mental growth and self-expression.
  • Building self-confidence in children comes through following personal interests and setting up their own goals.
  • Community living creates healthy bonds and enhances communication and negotiation.
  • By leading the example we can promote more sustainable living by reducing, reusing and recycling.