Erin (10):

CV is friendly and lots of fun.

Maria (parent):

My daughter attended Children’s Village for a year. CV’s democratic process and openness allow both children and parents to share and contribute to the running and shaping of their CV experience. Paula’s warm smile and gentle manner immediately puts kids and parents at ease. All the staff at CV are engaging and kind.

Anslem (parent):

The Christmas and Summer fairs are incredibly enjoyable, bringing families and friends together, allowing the children to showcase some of the work they have done in the year, whilst teaching a sense of industry and commerce in a supportive environment.


"As a mom of two, I can't say enough about the wonderful experiences we've had at Children's Village over the past four years. From the moment we first walked through the doors, my kids and I have felt warmly welcomed by the incredibly kind and supportive facilitators. They create such a nurturing environment where my children feel at home, which has made a huge difference in their development and our overall experience. One of the things my kids absolutely love about Children's Village is the abundance of free play and independent project opportunities. The variety of activities keeps them engaged and excited to come back each time. It's amazing to see them dive into creative projects, exploring their interests and expressing their individuality. This hands-on approach has fostered a sense of independence and confidence in both of my children.

Moreover, Children's Village places a strong emphasis on teaching life skills, which is something I deeply appreciate. My kids have learned so much more than just academic knowledge; they've gained practical skills that will benefit them for years to come. From teamwork and problem-solving to self-reliance and social interaction, the lessons they learn here are truly invaluable.

I wholeheartedly recommend Children's Village to other parents. The facilitators are not only knowledgeable but also genuinely care about each child's growth and well-being. The sense of community and belonging that we experience every time we visit is unparalleled. If you're looking for a place where your children can thrive, grow, and feel truly supported, Children's Village is the perfect choice."


"Our (nearly) 10 year old son started homeschooling two years ago. We had our doubts and it was a big decision to make. Luckily we quickly found Children's Village and our doubts and worries turned to joy and happiness. Our son loved it from his first day there, he soon had new friends who we now sees for many other activities, play dates and learning days out. Our younger son has joined too with the same success. For both of them Children's Village is the highlight of their week."


"My son joined a few weeks before his 7th birthday. He was so nervous to start with but was made to feel so welcome right from the start. We were allowed to stay with him, for a few weeks, which helped him settle in. Now he runs into group every week. He never wants to miss a Friday and never wants to leave he says, he wishes it was on more times a week. He enjoys the freedom of taking part in the many projects they have each week or choosing to do something totally different. He is very creative and loves that they have clay and many other activities to get he's creativity flowing.

Children's Village Stockwell has been a great way for him to make friends and have some independence. It's a great home ed group. Big thank you to the amazing ladies that run the Stockwell group and make it so special each week."  


"Children’s Village is where heart-centred living meets education. I home educate because I want my child to be able to be and become who she truly is, to unfold and bloom in her own way and in her own time without the pressures that come with traditional schooling. And although we have a large, wonderful, vibrant and thriving home education community in South East London, I was finding that there was not enough stability or continuity for my daughter to have a rhythm or a structure she could relax into.

Then I found Children’s Village, which has been a Godsend not only for my daughter but also for me. It provides the containment and consistency that I had been looking for for my daughter - seeing the same group of people each day and a familiar rhythm to the day - at the same time as every day being different and the activities based on what the children are interested in. The day has anchor points for the children but at the same time they do not have to participate in a planned activity if their interests lie elsewhere at any given moment. There is always a loose plan for the day but at the same time the flexibility to adapt it or even throw it out of the window if the children spontaneously create something unexpected and run with that.

I feel that Paula and Paula have created an alternative educational environment that is truly sacred and quite magical in which the children can experience the joy of learning on their own terms at the same time as learning how to negotiate the boundaries and etiquette that come with committing to being part of a community.

For home educating parents Children’s Village provides a sense of community with cross-fertilisation of ideas and you are invited to be a parent volunteer with the freedom to contribute as much or as little as you want to or are able to. Some parents stay with their children and others drop them off and in this way the parents’ needs can be skilfully and gracefully met in the same way as the children’s are.

I cannot recommend Children’s Village highly enough. Paula and Paula are worth their weight in gold and are true pioneers of a vision for our children that empowers them to take charge of their own education at the same time as being skilfully and lovingly guided by adults who truly have their best interests at heart."


"My son joined the Children's Village in September 2020 and I can see lots of benefits. His curiosity and focus have notably increased. He is excited about going to Children's Village and talks highly about it. This is all new from a kid that has rarely been interested in engaging in group activities. We have finally found a place where kids have the freedom to be themselves, they are listened to and fully supported in their natural growth and interests. Quoting his own words, "This is not a school, this is a home" and this is exactly how it feels to be there: a welcoming and heart-warming home full of friends, activities, comfort, freedom and outdoor space.

I couldn't recommend Children's Village more. As a parent and home educator myself, I can also say that offering my son the opportunity to experience and learn in different ways from what we can do together is reassuring and a great help. He attends two days a week, which still allows us to spend the rest of the week together and doing what we both enjoy doing together. Also, Children's Village is the community of like-minded kids and parents that we have been trying to build up in years. This is, in my opinion, how every child in the world should be educated, that is in a way that inspires curiosity through fun, diversity and community spirit. Thank you to the ladies who have stepped up and created this incredible opportunity. We are lucky."


"My son goes to Children’s Village and loves it! This is an amazing, kind, loving place, where children can have fun and learn together while being in charge of their own learning, collaborate together and discuss plans and other interesting them subjects during morning meetings. They are supported by two amazing facilitators (one focusing more on arts and crafts, music, reading, writing, maths, culture, history and much, much more, another on diy, building, constructing, engineering, other practical skills and imaginary, interactive and collaborative games). There are guest specialists coming to the place (such as an architect, a person specialising in Mexican culture etc). The variety of projects, activities, resources, knowledge and skills that kids can get is huge and is expanded around needs of all kids coming to the space. Parents can volunteer and share their own skills.

I wish there were more places like this so that more kids had such amazing opportunities. This type of learning prepares much more rounded,  kind, wise individuals and can create a better and happier future for all of us. Just love it!"