Who we are

Paula K.

Paula Konopko is a TV production graduate, doula, natural children development enthusiast, recently trained as a Kids Yoga teacher. Having experience with both alternative as well as conventional education, she dreamt of opening up a child-focused group with democratic approach to offer to local families. She loves sports, yoga, travelling and natural medicine.

Paula R.

Paula Rozmysl is a great supporter of child-led play and empowering children. She used to teach in a London primary school before making a decision to educate her daughter Natalie without school. Paula has also been running Forest Families Greenwich sessions in Oxleas Wood for the last ten years.

Until recently Natalie was part of The Wayfinder Project, a democratic group located in West Norwood that was founded on the legacy of Small Acres Democratic School in Peckham Rye. Paula was a regular parent volunteer during the sessions and saw what children’s education can look like. She draws inspiration from these two amazing projects.

Both Paulas met when their children were babies and have been good friends ever since.


As a facilitator at both Children's Village locations in Lee and Stockwell, Marta Kazmierczak acts as a bridge between our projects, seamlessly knitting our community together. With nearly two decades of experience working with children, Marta's journey began as a tutor and teacher apprentice in a primary school. Her passion for alternative education grew after her son's birth in 2008, leading her to embrace attachment parenting and home education. Enthusiastic, curious and playful, Marta finds immense satisfaction in empowering children, observing their growth and tuning into their needs. She is also a certified nutritional advisor, a yoga practitioner as well as an art and book lover. Marta's wide range of interests enrich the experiences she offers to our group. Children's Village is not just a job for Marta; it's her biggest passion at the moment. Her boundless dedication shines through in her nurturing approach, creating a warm and supportive atmosphere for our children to thrive and learn, making her an indispensable cornerstone of our team.


A passionate facilitator at Children's Village Stockwell, Marlena Woolford is an active home educating mum that co-ordinates varied activities and enjoys creating opportunities for children. She is committed to self-directed learning, intrinsic motivation, creativity, collaboration, experimenting and encouraging the natural curiosity of children. She loves helping children discover and enhance their interests, building their self-awareness and developing their social and emotional intelligence and understanding of the world around them. Marlena is passionate about alternative education that focuses on children’s needs instead of the needs of the system. She wants to help children to thrive both in childhood and throughout their adult lives, helping them to develop the skills they need for their future. Marlena has lived in different countries and travelled extensively. She has worked in a variety of roles and wants to use the skills and knowledge she has acquired to break down barriers, develop cultural awareness and contribute to making the world a better place in which to live.