Who we are

Paula Konopko is a TV production graduate, doula, natural children development enthusiast, recently trained as a Kids Yoga teacher. Having experience with both alternative as well as conventional education, she dreamt of opening up a child-focused group with democratic approach to offer to local families. She loves sports, yoga, travelling and natural medicine.

Paula Rozmysl is a great supporter of child-led play and empowering children. She likes to cycle, practise yoga and do art in her free time. She used to teach in a London primary school before making a decision to educate her daughter without school. Until recently Natalie was part of The Wayfinder Project, a democratic group located in West Norwood that was founded on the legacy of Small Acres Democratic School in Peckham Rye. Paula was a regular parent volunteer during the sessions and saw what children’s education can look like. We draw inspiration from the two amazing projects.

We met when our children were babies and have been good friends ever since. We have also been running Nature Play Greenwich sessions for families in Oxleas Wood for the last five years.

Stephen Wilson is our facilitator and one of our dads. A real DIY magician loved by all the kids in the project. He’s an expert on spontaneous play and facilitates fun activities during every single session. One of his interests is children’s mental health and he always comes up with ideas on how to support the children emotionally. As a facilitator in our Lee group, he’s built indoor and outdoor play structures, created a farming area and has more woodworking and upcycling projects planned. Now Stephen will also be one of the facilitators in our new project in Stockwell. Oh and he’s a great skateboarder!