Autumn Term 1 Update

Autumn Term 1 Update

Hello again,

We think it’s high time to share with you some of our highlights last term. We had a wonderful time playing, learning and exploring! We saw a great mix of child and adult-initiated projects, regular explosions of creativity and imagination and truly incredible things taking place.

There is no way we can tell you all that happened in our groups in September and October so this is just a tiny glimpse. In Lee we introduced morning yoga sessions, started a ukulele class, booked the tennis court a few times, enjoyed a river walk, baked and sold yummy flapjacks to the public and took part in a skateboarding lesson in Charlton Park Skatepark.

In Stockwell we invited one of our mums to run a very popular cornstarch workshop for the group and another mum helped us with a Caribbean carnival project. We went to Sydenham Hill Woods to learn how to light a fire and went for a walk to see Stockwell’s Bronze Woman Statue, London’s first public statue of an African-Caribbean woman. We also visited the Aquarium and Monkey Business exhibition in the Horniman Museum.

Have fun browsing through our photos and if you’d like to find out more about self-directed learning and our project, please send us an email at