CV Lee Weekly Update

CV Lee Weekly Update

It was a wildly creative and spontaneous week at the Village. After coming together for some team-building games where they worked together to stack paper cups without touching them and build towers out of spaghetti and marshmallows, the children separated out into smaller groups, following their imaginations into an array of spontaneous activities.

The paper cups from the team-building games ended up being used to make birdhouses and a string phone, and the marshmallows and spaghetti were turned into a hedgehog which became the centrepiece at the table at lunchtime.

A game of postman that started on the trampoline segued into a craft session where the children made their own stamps and envelopes before continuing the game and delivering the letters they created.

There was problem-solving in the garden, where the children figured out how to carry a heavy bucket full of water to the clubhouse, and two of the children figured out how to ride on one bike together around the field.

There was also some spontaneous lemonade-making and stop motion animation with Lego and one group of children rehearsed a play, made tickets for it and invited everyone to watch the performance.

The children came together again to make worry dolls and little bags to put them in and for some circle games which were so much fun that nobody wanted them to end.