CV Lee Weekly Update

CV Lee Weekly Update

Ever curious about what each other are having for lunch, and feeling the others’ food is far more exciting than their own, the children came up with the idea of having a buffet, with everyone contributing and preparing food to share.

So last week at the Village the children headed into the kitchen and made sushi, falafel, guacamole, houmous, fried plantain, rainbow salad and orange juice and sat down to a well-deserved banquet with a feeling of pride and satisfaction for what they had come together to achieve.

The children also worked as a team outside on the field, where they found a dead crow and decided it needed a proper send-off. They dug a deep hole to bury it, placed a tombstone and bouquets of flowers onto the grave, and made farewell speeches and sang songs.

Back at the clubhouse, the children learned about koalas and other marsupials and made pouches to carry around their cuddly toys and dolls. Two of the children did a show and tell - one playing her musical instruments and another showing an intricate Lego creation she’d made - and there was dancing and singing to “Love My Life” by Robbie Williams and “How Far I’ll Go” from the movie Moana accompanied by guitar.

And just as it was all about to end, the heavens opened and the children squeezed the last little bit of joy out of their day at the Village, running out into the rain, whooping and screaming, and getting unashamedly, gloriously, gleefully soaking wet.

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