CV Stockwell Waiting List

CV Stockwell Waiting List

Hi all,

We’re very excited to let you know that our new Stockwell group is up and running now and what’s more, we've started a waiting list for September! :-)

We’ve only had the first two sessions but the vibes are incredible. The space is buzzing with fun, interactions, movement, exploration, creativity and learning. The children are choosing to work individually, in pairs and smaller groups and they are starting to form friendships. This week they had a chance to look at inspirational artists that use collage in their work and make their own photo collage, make cardboard constructions, e.g. a castle and a den for rats (creativity, collaboration, practical construction skills, manual skills, architecture, engineering) and build rollercoasters (problem solving, construction, physics). Of course there was so much more going on!

Marlena, one of our facilitators, wrote this after the second meeting with the new group:

During the meeting all children have the chance to speak up, learning about their ownership of the place and their ability to influence what happens at Children’s Village. They develop confidence and learn how to speak in public, expressing what they want and tuning into themselves and their needs, as well as voting on choices that they want to make as a group. All the children have different skills and the meeting gives them an opportunity to expand on these and learn new skills. At the same time they are building their confidence in having a voice in a loving and accepting environment. We encourage them to attend the meeting as it gives them the opportunities highlighted above, but at the same time they have the choice not to participate. However, once they realise that the meeting is useful for them, we usually find their commitment to it becomes much stronger.