Spring Term Update

Spring Term Update


We just wanted to share a little update on how our villagers were doing in spring term.

We made colourful paper flowers and placed them in water to show how flowers bloom in spring. We made a spontaneous Peter Pan performance and had a good time playing duck duck goose as a group. We built a rollercoaster and a marble run, served tea, played shop, made weapons out of wood, pushed each other around in a wagon, played in a tent and a gigantic cardboard box, walked on stilts, punched a boxing bag, had a go on a steel tongue drum and explored other instruments, played board games and read books. We did a lot of art. To celebrate Easter, we made Easter bunny baskets out of paper and helped make an Easter piñata with glue guns and tissue paper.

What’s absolutely wonderful is that the children who attend our group are always invited to take part in various activities and never pressured. They can always choose to do something else if they wish to and when that happens, everyone is fine with it. We love being part of the movement of empowering children to make decisions about themselves and shape their own education!

If you’re curious about democratic education and our community, please get in touch with us.